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Insulin Sensitivity/Resistance

Insulin is a needed hormone that has multiple responsibilities. For this post we are focusing on it’s roll on glucose and disease.

The difference between insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance is that being insulin sensitive you require much less insulin to distribute glucose to cells and insulin levels don’t stay in your system for very long. These type of people can eat whatever they want and stay lean. Insulin resistance is the exact opposite these people will secrete high levels of insulin for the same amount of glucose and insulin levels will stay in their system for much much longer. Being insulin resistant has many adverse affects on your health metabolic damage, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases (alzheimer, dementia), autoimmune disease etc…. (many more)

These people will gain fat by looking at bread or carbs….

There is hope for this. You can reverse this disease by going to a very low carb high fat moderate protein ketogenic diet. This improves your insulin sensitivity and reverses or drastically reduces symptoms of the listed dieseases. All blood related markers will improve and your health  will restore. You will lose body fat as well!