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5 months ago, I had a cancer scare that led me to starting the Ketosis diet. Vincent Ortiz, my son, explained how carbohydrates feed cancer cells and will exsellerate the cancerous growths in your body. After explaining the Keto process to me, I started the diet the next day. I lost 5 lbs. in 7 days and continued to lose lbs. every week until I lost 39 lbs. in 4 months. I weighed 169 when I started the Keto plan and I now weigh 132. It wasn’t just the weight loss that kept me on the diet, it was the way I was feeling. My energy skyrocketed and I no longer have to take Pre-diabetic medication. I no longer walk slumped over because of the weight I was carrying on my breasts and on my hips. My legs and knees and feet no longer hurt when I walk. my arthritis pain, everywhere else, except my hands, has subsided. I don’t need to nap like I used to and I sleep better. I have tried several diets and exercises and could never be consistent with them and I feel that the immediate results I got from the Keto diet, gave me incentive to continue staying away from carbs, but the cancer scare is what started me on the Keto path. I’ve had so may positive results and have benefitted from my sons input and the knowledge he has acquired regarding Keto-sis. His knowledge of all the health benefits and how Keto works on every part of body from your cells, blood, nerves, muscles, bones and thinking process. It’s just an amazing diet that will get you on your way to a healthier, more energetic you! I’m 67 years old and feel so much better and healthier since I started this diet. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I do slip, but don’t like the way I feel when I do. Your cravings will always be there, but the better you become at using the diet, the easier it becomes. At my age, it was getting so difficult to walk straight and function without being tired all the time, but this diet changed how I see myself and how much better I will feel as I get older and I thank my son for taking the time and effort to help me.

My Cancer Scare